John Cage Workshop 2023: Tutorials

Here you find some Video Tutorials, made by our coaching team from 2023, covering a range of topics about (vocal) contemporary music.

Hier finden Sie einige Video-Tutorials, die von unserem Coaching-Team 2023 erstellt wurden, und die eine Reihe von Themen rund um (vokale) zeitgenössische Musik behandeln.

Agata Zubel

Agata Zubel, born in Poland, is a renowned composer and vocalist. Known for her unique vocal range and the use of techniques that challenge stereotypes, Zubel gives concerts throughout the world and has premiered numerous new works. Orchestras and Ensembles worldwide commission her for new pieces.

Agata Zubel part1 Parlando

Agata Zubel part2 Cascando 3 09

Isabelle Duthoit

Isabelle Duthoit, born in France, is a classically trained clarinetist and additionally became a self-taught vocal artist. She creates her own projects and works with various ensembles and composers, primarily in the world of free improvisation. Since 1997, she has taught clarinet and improvisation at the Conservatoire Departmental Evry in Essonne, France.

Isabelle Duthoit 1: no music

Isabelle Duthoit 2: Voice World

Isabelle Duthoit 3: improvisation mov

Christoph Ogiermann

Christoph Ogiermann, born in Germany, is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, reciter, curator, co-founder of the MusikAktionsEnsemble KLANK, member of the artists' collectives stock11 and TONTO (Graz), member and artistic director of the projektgruppe neue musik bremen, founder and artistic director of the Bremen series REM for electronic music. He is also one of the artistic directors of the John Cage Academy Halberstadt.

Christoph Ogiermann: Lecture about John Cage and expression

Clara Hyerim Byun

Clara Hyerim Byun, born in South Korea, is a pianist, currently working as a piano Repetitor at the Staatsoper Hannover as well as at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover. She was awarded with many prizes, as a solo pianist as well as a Liedbegleiterein, for contemporary music and even for being the best first sight reading pianist. She teaches regularly in our Workshops in Halberstadt.

Hyerim 3976

Yeri Anarika

Yeri Anarika, born in Mexico, was trained at the academia de la danza mexicana. She is not only a dancer but also a choreographer and certified Yoga and Pilates teacher. She teaches regularly in Halberstadt for our workshops. Her empathic ability to recognize each individual‘s physical conditions and to enable them to get more flexibel, stronger and more playful in their own individual way, while also bonding people to high spirited groups, make her a perfect coach for us non-dancing-musicians. She states: „I strongly believe that body practices, in connection with self-knowledge and creativity, should be an essential part of every human being's education and daily life.“

Strecht spine & hips opener Yeri Anarika

Yeri Anarika_Tutorial 2_On body

Yeri Anarika_Tutorial 3_On body